My mission is to make fun of every blog I can, on my blog, and in their comments. I also would like to promote Hektik Radio with this blog, because they are some funny motherfuckers!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Well, folks, I got a nice comfy job doing, well, nothing, so guess what! Yep, I'm back, with time to update this daily with links to really horrid fucking blogs. Tonight, I start with these dumbasses. I know it seems like they're a bunch of teenagers, s1nc3 theY tALk L1ke tH15, but I have the inside story. The guy who does the blog is actually a 46 year old male who tricks young kids into reading his blog, gives them music, and then god only knows what the hell he does with them after that! This fucking pedo is a fucking waste of human skin, no better than Michael Jackson, or, worse, Ice T (did anyone see his interview on ESPN earlier? He's a god damned IDIOT!!!). Anyhow, I can't cut and paste in this lame ass blog anymore, so you'll have to go on over there yourselves to see what I wrote in his pathetic scrollie.
Till tomorrow,

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