My mission is to make fun of every blog I can, on my blog, and in their comments. I also would like to promote Hektik Radio with this blog, because they are some funny motherfuckers!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Most of the photo blogs are pretty good. But fuck. I've found the WORST one EVER!!! I am speechless. Yes, me, speechless. But if you hold the space bar down and watch the pictures scroll by real fast, it kind of looks like people are fucking. Not a redeeming quality, I know. Let's just hope her parents are proud of her. I finally found some words to put in her comments section:

Oh my GOD! This is the WORST photo blog I've ever SEEN! Not only is it boring, but you and your friends are ugly as barn rats! Do everyone a favor, and make this blog accessible only by your parents!

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