My mission is to make fun of every blog I can, on my blog, and in their comments. I also would like to promote Hektik Radio with this blog, because they are some funny motherfuckers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I just got back from Tennessee. Do you have any idea what I could write in this blog about some of the people there? God.

Anyhow, I talked to the hektik guys, and am waiting for my DVD from them, and gathering phone numbers for the radio shows. You know anyone's phone number who's a stupid fuck? Send it to me, and I'll add it to my list. Send details, also, such as things that are embarrassing to them.

Speaking of embarrassing, let's revisit this blog. While Maine is a good kid, and one of my best fans, and a very funny blogger, his pal Ev is, well, let's just say THAT'S NOT CHOCOLATE PUDDING IN HIS SHORTS. I mean, have you SEEN the imbecilic cartoons he draws? Here, Ev, have a breathing strip for your nose, and do stop drooling on your keyboard. Open the window and get some fresh air. You're killing the two braincells you have left via lack of oxygen!

Oh yeah, and take an art class. Uhm. And leave out the bubbles? Hmm. I can't think of anything that would help your lame ass "art," so nevermind.
Till next time,

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