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Monday, February 16, 2004

Today I'm going to call one of you. You will know when you answer the phone. Prepare to be recorded. (:
As a heckler, I do have standards. I'm tired of finding the same bad blogs over and over. It's a serious job to find good bad blogs! I'm not whining. Really. I'm bitching. Send me some blogs to review. Anyhow, since I can find nothing worth my time tonight, I shall write the list. Here are the kinds of blogs that are out there:

Whiney Goth (WG): The WG whines about everything from his/her gender to his/her wardrobe. There is no consoling it. Noone understands it, but it puts up a blog to bleed to the world, hoping to find one of its own kind: a narcissistic emotional vampire. An example: here.

Straight Guy Who Has No Life (SGWHNL, which is too long, so we will use the pronoun : he from here out) He whines because he has no life, yet he is afraid to walk out his front door. He seeks online relationships, preferably long distance ones. Here's one.

The Fluffy Girl (TFG): She makes her blog in pink and shops at vickey's secrets. She is cute and smiles and makes you want to barf. Not my damned fault. Here she is. (:

G Homey Wannabe: White, middle class guy who likes to say yo and what's up bitches. We all love them and their blogs are every fucking where. Like cockroaches. Let's see. Here's one

Hippie Happy Silly Happies: I just can't seem to get up enough steam to heckle them. I think they have the same mission in life that I do.

The Housewife: Same with the HHSHs, I can't steam up enough to heckle them. Unless they're sluts. (:

I'm sure an update will happen to this, but for now, these are the types of blogs I'm seeing. Those and redneck women with cats. Help me out here. I would like some good bad blogs to talk about. And if you have other categories of bloggers, I welcome them too.
See you soon,

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