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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"She" is at it again. Wondering why you keep seeing the "Hot Abercrombie Chick," and also ME popping up in the fresh list all night? That is because I (and others) discovered that "she" was hitting republish over and over to get there. This fact indicates something else, which is that this is not one person. You will see the comments pop up under this "student's" paper for "her" philosophy ethics class (100/1000 level, it's obvious), and you will see that this person is steady commenting back. Meanwhile, someone else keeps hitting republish. No one person can do this alone. Also, a few people have mentioned that "her" posting style is not always the same, leaving one to believe that you have two people posting and one person hitting republish to keep it in the fresh list to generate interest. If you're a gullible male who really wants to believe this is a hot college chick, that is your perogative. But evidence speaks otherwise, and my opinion is that it's some pimply faced frat boys trying to get on the Noted list. Which will be followed by a paypal button. Which will be followed by a camwhore link. Which still will not be the chick in the pictures. Judge for yourself.

edit: P.S. She will erase your comments if she doesn't like them. I won't. (:
P.S. again: If you would like to watch the hilarity ensue before is on to this, keep hitting reload on

Monday, February 09, 2004

Wow. Well, since "Amanda" is all paranoid about "her" blog tonight, I happened to be wandering around and I found, ahem, this. Now I don't go around looking for christians to pick on, really, I don't. But is this guy a christian gangster or what? Like, homey, you got your glock, we gotta go party for Jesus, yo! I don't know. Here's what made me "crack my butt off:"

"This morning, of course I missed worship which sucks. However, I did enjoy the Power Rangers marathon they were showing. "

Here's what I had to say to this very confused individual:
Dude! I'm down with what you're sayin, homey. We can go chill down on the corner and preach the word of God, and then, when we get bored, we can go rob the store, then go get some crack. And then we'll really see Jesus. Praise Mercy!!

Haunted, you are a fucking redneck.
Update: I'm getting a lot of positive feedback for this post, so I am going to leave it up and spend all my time tonight hitting republish. I challenge all of you to do the same so that "Amanda's" site will have a hard time staying in the fresh list tonight. (:

Okay, and now for Amanda. You will see none of my recent comments on her blog, because she takes them down as soon as I can put them there, which reinforces the ideas that a) "she" is not just one person, but many, and those people republish her page constantly to get it to stay on the list of recently published blogs, and b) that what I am saying in her comments section hits a bit too close to home, ie, that she is a classist, naive ignorant who is not female, not one person, and who certainily can't be the person in the picture, or "she" wouldn't have so much time to constantly publish a blog and debate in her comment section. I wouldn't be surprised to see a paypal button pop up there, soon, though. Or maybe a camwhores website. I don't think she can handle tripping over herself as she's been doing for very long, but the determination of idiots never ceases to amuse me. Before she takes this comment off her blog, let me post it here. It is in reference to her uhhh, diatribe about solipcism:
This reminds me of the Britney Spears Chemistry tutorial. Especially the part where you say(In reference to solipcism):

"Although I don't know of any major philosophers who actually held this view, it certainly seems like a concern that needs to be dealt with."

It makes me laugh. I'm so glad that you went on to "deal with it" in your blog. Now anyone who needs solipcism simplified for them can come here! -giggle- Good thing you ended with:
"Like I said, I'm not as familiar with this issue as with others, so I will welcome all further explanations, reading recommendations, and debate in the 'Comments' section."

Reading suggestions:

Good luck!

Amanda, you are a putrid whore.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Today, we have Mike. Mike was foolish enough to send email asking me to "Judge him." Well, Mike, judging from your blog, you're an empty-headed child whose interests are about as interesting as, well, an egg sandwich. Dry. Here's what I had to say on Mike's comment section:
Mike, you are simply a puttz. I can think of no other word for you, and I'm not even jewish. Don't you think that someone could get all this same information by randomly browsing Do yourself a favor and GET A LIFE, YOU MORON!!!

Sheesh, and to think he named his blog "The New London Journal." It should be "The New London Lamer."

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