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Monday, January 26, 2004

Okay, toning things down a bit, so as not to wander outside TOS. Psh. TOS, whatever. Anyway, here's the next loonie toon. He's about as dumb as a box of rocks, but at least he got his food curtain! Here's what I posted on his scrollie thing:

I am glad you got a food curtain. You cannot have fun on the 1st of January one without one.

Here's my favorite quote from his blog: "i had a wrestling session with my ah wong again." Uh huh. I just bet he did.
This one is almost too cute to slam. Almost. I won't bash him for his horrible english, but that yellow on black text has to go. Problem is, there's no way for me to post to him, so I guess I'll just have to say it here:

Wilson, you are right. It IS time for you to rebuild your bus stop! But this time, could you do it in colors that won't BLIND us all?

This "woman" is extremely daft and incredibly self-obsessed. What the hell is that image at the top of her site? Is it a fruit rollup dunce cap? Whatever. The point is that she's obviously morally loose and horribly under-educated. Here's what I posted to her entry for today:

It's all about you, huh, you silly sorority bitch? That picture of you shows your true colors: A drunk whore with something shoved in her mouth. Way to go! I voted against you 30 times in that contest just because your blog is so horrid. Have a nice day.

Sugarmama is an obvious slut.
Okay, how about this dicknugget? What a waste of fucking bandwidth. I don't think I've seen such awful writing since my Jr. high composition class. Here's what I had to say to this guy:

That is the shittiest piece of work I've seen in a long time. It's a clusterfuck of cliche` and rambling bunch of crap. If only you were "shouting into the void." Then we wouldn't have to stumble upon this uncreative, boring, illogical bullshit. People like you should save all your files to the "recycle bin." File 13, yep, that's where this vomit belongs.

Al, you suck.

Update: Wow. He didn't like my comment, so he took it down. I better put it back up now.
Now that I'm warmed up... Look at this fucking wanker. As if anyone would want to know what the hell is going on in Texas, of all places. If I wanted to read about that shit, I'd kill myself and go straight to hell. Here's what I sent to that email account:

First of all, look at what came out of Texas: A big fat loser dickwad with nothing better to do that film soldiers in Iraq for his wanking pleasure! You are NO BETTER! Noone CARES about what's going on with Texas law! You are all a bunch of fucking cattle rustling, big haired, buckle wielding, boot-wearing NOBODIES! Go look for Dallas reruns on TV. Everyone hates you.

Everything's bigger in Texas. Yep. Especially LOSERS!
Okay, this is a fine example of a scatter-brained canadian. Can't fucking focus for a moment, and then asks you to do stupid shit like joining a fucking mayonaisse-hating society. Here's what I had to say about the last entry there:

Are you serious? Are you really stupid enough to think that people give a shit what kind of crap you eat? WELL NOONE DOES, YOU FUCKING MORON! If all you can think to talk about is food, then you must be one fatass motherfucker.

Fuckin canadians.
I can't even begin to describe this idiot. First of all, "everyone's sucked." What the hell does that mean? Everyone has sucked? Everyone is sucked? Since the username is sucked, maybe everyone is that user? What a fucking moron. What's worse is that there is no way for me to contact this bozo to tell him (her?) how lame he (she?) is. So I'll say it here: Your blog is lame and IS SUCKED to high heaven. God only knows what FUCKED UP kind of poetry you're going to have on your goth-infested site. Get some sun, fucknut, and see if that helps with your depressed state of narcissism. Or better yet, DIE BITCH!
Okay, I think I've found the most annoying blog on the internet. Not only does this fuckwad have a little popup with 31338 h4x0r sp33k, but he can't spell worth a damn, and has not a thought in his over-hydrated little brain. Here's what I posted to his cutesy scrollie thing:

blog heckler: You are a stupid mouth breather. Learn how to spell at least, not that that would make what you're saying more understandable or interesting. GO BACK TO SCHOOL, LOSER

Benjamin is a shithead.
Oh. My. God. Look at this this stupid whore. She whines about how she's SO abused, poor her. Now we all know that is utter bullshit. She wants to be humiliated. She NEEDS it! It's obvious. Here is what I had to say about her latest spew:

You are such a pathetic loser. All your whining about being weak just reinforces the fact that you ARE! If you had any FRIENDS, you might not be in this predicament.

What a cunt.
Ahh, another one. This is the fuck who thought he'd get by with taking the nick "heckler" and then proceeded to whine his way into a BIG FAT FUCKING HOLE OF EMO CRYBABYNESS! Here's what I had to say to his last post:
You are nothing but a whiny bitch and a procrastinator. Why haven't you posted to your blog since march, you fucking LOSER? You sound like you need to stop listening to GWAR and the Cure and Get a Fucking Life!!

Too bad he wasn't on AIM to read it. Oh well. Onward.
Day one. I've finally found my niche. Let's see what sort of idiot has posted today...

Oh, good.Charlie Knox. What an asswipe. He's interested in christianity, and his asshole. Or maybe yours. Here's what I posted to his last entry:
"I liked the bit where she talked of having a God encounter in the toilets of the waterfront hall. Having opted to go to that cubicle instead of heading up to the prayer room at a meeting she was at, reminded me that God isn't confined to the religious realm but that he meets people in everyday places .."

No, you pervert. You are not interested in the fact that God isn't confined to the religious realm! You are interested in the idea that GOD IS IN THE TOILET, PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR ANUS! You are a sick and disgusted man who has some serious sexual problems. Instead of praying, you might want to POP A FUCKING PROZAC, YOU BOZO!

Geez, what a fucking idiot.

Update: He took it down. Like completely. I'll be watching him for more little slips like that, the pervert.

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