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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Okay, we've got a real weiner here! He says there is too much "fagitism." The way I see it, this guy is the kind of guy who probably has an arsenal of weapons in his garage that he can't even fire because of his bigass beer gut. I bet his wife Martha gives good head, though. Women without teeth are like that. Here's what I wrote in his blog:

The way I see it is that you're the same kind of idiot Bush is -- the stupid kind. Everyone knows that rednecks like you need something to bitch about, but I have a better topic for you to bitch about: Mullets. Big, stinky rock-star-wanna-be mullets, just like the one you and all your brothers have. Worry about that. Worry about the fact that they are like big blinking lights above your head saying "WARNING, I AM AN EXPERIMENT IN INBREEDING!!"

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