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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I introduce to you the Palm Addict. I think I know what a Palm Addict is, and it isn't someone who likes electronic personal assistants, either. Or, maybe he does, but I'll bet he loves his own palm a lot better, if you get my drift. It's obvious from his site that he is a narcissistic, lazy asshole. He wants the public to donate money or buy him palms. Now, if my intuition is working well, and it usually does, at least in March, what this guy is doing is getting money and going out and buying a hooker so he doesn't have to use his palm. But we know these kinds of sickos, don't we? Even the best of whores couldn't keep him from constantly fondling himself. Hey, Palm Addict, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF YOU CUMEATING SLUG!!
Here's what I emailed to him:
Subject: Your blog...
is a very nice cover for what you really are: a chronic masturbator. It's obvious to those of us who can read between the lines. Just wanted you to know that you're not hiding your perversion very well.

Stupid ass.

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