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Monday, March 22, 2004

Hokay, time to post again. I admit that I got a little carried away at orkut and subscribed to too many communities and had way too many friends for my own good, but that's over now. I'm sick of their stupid shit. They're idiots. On to better stuff, like blog heckling. (:

First of all, there have been many who've linked to me, who've liked me, and who've hoped to have my vengence brought down around their hard, hard, very hard heads. I'm sorry. I cannot heckle non-very-stupid blogs. If you leave a request for me to heckle your blog and I don't, it means one of two things. Either it doesn't suck, or it falls into one of the other boring suckness areas of the categories I put up a few weeks ago.
In other words, I have no time for it, but I might love you. If you're really good, I'll link your page from here. I am late updating those, but please dont despair.

I do appreciate links to my blog, though, and send very humble thanks to those who've done so.

Well, let's see, people have been busy in my absence, so I shall be busy in their presence. The first delegate:
I'm real sick of political blogs It's the same thing over and over. Why not read BBC news or CNN? I'll likely send an email to the dicksputnum who hosts this site, but shit. Everywhere you look, it's these stupid fucking wannabe political journalists. Can I get an amen?

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