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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Alright, I skipped some lamers in my list of lamers earlier in this blog. The ones I skipped were the pirates. I guess it might have been funny the first time someone reported an obsession with pirates, and god knows I love a good Jimmy Buffet song and the driving-me-nuts joke, but come on. Now it's just a stupid bandwagon people are jumping on, and other people are going "ha ha, that's funny, cuz I'm brain dead." But now we have pirates posting about politics? You fucking moron! You should be out raping and pilaging, and instead, you sit behind your computer like an pasty-skinned borg idiot posting about shit that doesn't concern you. Get a boat! Here's what I had to say to this doofus:

Hey, slot machine! Why the fuck do you care what's going on in politics? You can't vote any damned way! Do something original, for fuck's sake, or go back to your ship and stay out of the internet. You're poking holes in your keyboard, and frankly, the rest of us are sick of it!

Sheesh, and to think this kind of miscreant links to my blog.

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