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Monday, February 09, 2004

Wow. Well, since "Amanda" is all paranoid about "her" blog tonight, I happened to be wandering around and I found, ahem, this. Now I don't go around looking for christians to pick on, really, I don't. But is this guy a christian gangster or what? Like, homey, you got your glock, we gotta go party for Jesus, yo! I don't know. Here's what made me "crack my butt off:"

"This morning, of course I missed worship which sucks. However, I did enjoy the Power Rangers marathon they were showing. "

Here's what I had to say to this very confused individual:
Dude! I'm down with what you're sayin, homey. We can go chill down on the corner and preach the word of God, and then, when we get bored, we can go rob the store, then go get some crack. And then we'll really see Jesus. Praise Mercy!!

Haunted, you are a fucking redneck.

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