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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"She" is at it again. Wondering why you keep seeing the "Hot Abercrombie Chick," and also ME popping up in the fresh list all night? That is because I (and others) discovered that "she" was hitting republish over and over to get there. This fact indicates something else, which is that this is not one person. You will see the comments pop up under this "student's" paper for "her" philosophy ethics class (100/1000 level, it's obvious), and you will see that this person is steady commenting back. Meanwhile, someone else keeps hitting republish. No one person can do this alone. Also, a few people have mentioned that "her" posting style is not always the same, leaving one to believe that you have two people posting and one person hitting republish to keep it in the fresh list to generate interest. If you're a gullible male who really wants to believe this is a hot college chick, that is your perogative. But evidence speaks otherwise, and my opinion is that it's some pimply faced frat boys trying to get on the Noted list. Which will be followed by a paypal button. Which will be followed by a camwhore link. Which still will not be the chick in the pictures. Judge for yourself.

edit: P.S. She will erase your comments if she doesn't like them. I won't. (:
P.S. again: If you would like to watch the hilarity ensue before is on to this, keep hitting reload on

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