My mission is to make fun of every blog I can, on my blog, and in their comments. I also would like to promote Hektik Radio with this blog, because they are some funny motherfuckers!

Monday, January 26, 2004

I can't even begin to describe this idiot. First of all, "everyone's sucked." What the hell does that mean? Everyone has sucked? Everyone is sucked? Since the username is sucked, maybe everyone is that user? What a fucking moron. What's worse is that there is no way for me to contact this bozo to tell him (her?) how lame he (she?) is. So I'll say it here: Your blog is lame and IS SUCKED to high heaven. God only knows what FUCKED UP kind of poetry you're going to have on your goth-infested site. Get some sun, fucknut, and see if that helps with your depressed state of narcissism. Or better yet, DIE BITCH!

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