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Monday, January 26, 2004

Day one. I've finally found my niche. Let's see what sort of idiot has posted today...

Oh, good.Charlie Knox. What an asswipe. He's interested in christianity, and his asshole. Or maybe yours. Here's what I posted to his last entry:
"I liked the bit where she talked of having a God encounter in the toilets of the waterfront hall. Having opted to go to that cubicle instead of heading up to the prayer room at a meeting she was at, reminded me that God isn't confined to the religious realm but that he meets people in everyday places .."

No, you pervert. You are not interested in the fact that God isn't confined to the religious realm! You are interested in the idea that GOD IS IN THE TOILET, PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR ANUS! You are a sick and disgusted man who has some serious sexual problems. Instead of praying, you might want to POP A FUCKING PROZAC, YOU BOZO!

Geez, what a fucking idiot.

Update: He took it down. Like completely. I'll be watching him for more little slips like that, the pervert.

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